Course of disease

The whole thing started around 1990 with strong pain when peeing. Because of that I went to my doctor and told him about my pain. He gave me some antibiotics which didn't help. Three months later I went to an urologist. Same thing again, urin checkups, smear test and again antibiotics. Nothing helped and we got no results.


Some time later we got the first results. Bacterium in the semen. I think it was chlamydia. Then everything happened very fast... one weekend i woke up in the morning and recognized my swollen left knee. I had pain, but not too strong. At that moment I didn't associate the urethritis with the swollen painful knee. I did a lot of kickboxing and thought it was just a bad hit I got. It was already evening and I wanted to go out for a party with friends, but because of the knee I decided to go to the hospital to get it punctured. At the hospital, the doctor had a look at it and asked some questions. I told him of my kickboxing, and that I hadn't recognized a bad hit. After a few more questions I told him about my strange urethritis. This was reason enough for him to keep me as an inpatient to monitor me.

His decision was 100% correct. They punctured my knee and I got to my room. 2-3 days later, I got high fever and no doctor found the reason. Shortly after that I once woke up and couldn't see a thing. Everything was white. Conjunctivitis!! And because of this symptome they knew I had the reiter's disease, the reactive arthritis. I was on a penicilin drip for a few days and after that I recovered very fast. 16 days were gone by and I could leave the hospital and go home. I had to use crutches for about 3 months until the pain was almost gone.


The following years I often had problems with the urethritis. It was always very pronounced an extremely painful.(4-6times a year).

Conjunctivitis was also often recurring. About 6-7 years later I had my next episode, again a swollen painful knee (left). I got it punctured again, but didn't have to go to the hospital. After a cortisone shot in the knee the pain got less and I even could walk cautiously. The other sypmtomes, conjunctivitis and urethritis were treated locally, with pills and liquid. Diclofenac worked well and reduced my pains in the knee. The following 2-3years I often sufffered from conjunctivitis. The other symptomes hadn't shown....


In 2009, the reiter's disease stroke back. Same procedure, but no puncture of the knee was needed. Eye drops, cortisone pills, antibiotics because of the urethritis and a lot of diclofenac against the strong pain. From this episode on, everything should be different. The reiter's disease was always present and so was the pain. I had pain in all parts of my body, especially in the chest, left knee, the neck and the pelvis. The pain was worst in the chest in the heart-area. My doctor told me to go to the hospital to make a heart.catheter checkup. She was afraid of a heart-muscle inflammation. Negative, I'm lucky....what I wanted to say is, since I my last episode there hasn't been a day free of pain and restricted mobility is permanently present. There is also a chronical tiredness (fatigue) which makes me depressed. Furthermore, I sometimes get blists on my left foot sole.


In the beginning of 2010, I went to another hospital for a complete update check up. Stomach, gut, bones and blood were ok, just the CRP was a bit too high. They gave me the medicament“ARAWA“ which I couldn't keep on taking because of high blood pressure. 14 days later I went to rehab for another 3 weeks where I startet to use „MTX“ injections once a week. 9 months later I have been feeling better, but the fatique is still awful and the pain in my chest (we think its costochondritis) is present.


Since February I have also got problems with my hands – they feel numb and my left arm is hurting. It's getting better......


So this is it about the course of MY disease, which is different with every patient. I am looking forward to your comments.

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