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Moin or hello, my name is Ralf Weiss. I was born in August 1972 in a small town in Germany, called Mosbach. For a few years, I have been living in the beautiful Hansestadt Hamburg, which is in Northern Germany. I got the reiter's disease (reactive arthritis). I want this website to inform you about this rare rheumatic disease. After my last rheumatic episode I decided to build this website, because there was insufficient information about the course of disease in the web. My intention is to reach other patients and start some conversation and exchange of experience about the reiter's disease. The medical terms and information about this disease is copied from


In the section “course of disease“ I will tell you in a short but informativ way how MY reiter's disease started and how it fully developed within the past years. But as I wrote before, my intention is to communicate and exchange with other patients. I got a guestbook and small forum, so feel free to write and comment. Don't forget: cheer up!


Best wishes, Ralf

Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir helft meine Webseite bekannter zu machen.danke!
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